danish artist association wishes everyone a great summer
danish artist association wishes everyone a great summer
danish artist association wishes everyone a great summer

daily allowance

Get an overview

You can easily get an overview of how many holiday days you have with unemployment benefit when you apply for holiday benefit via the self-service page at Your Trade Union Unemployment Fund. Here you can also see the previously taken periods and how many holiday days are left.

When you search

Remember these rules when applying for holiday pay:

  • State how many holiday days you have earned with employers
  • You must take your accrued holiday before we can pay your holiday allowance
  • Holidays with holiday allowance can only be taken on weekdays, i.e. five days a week
  • Apply in good time so the money can be paid out a week before your holiday
  • Notify the job centre about your holiday 14 days in advance

If you have not earned holiday pay because you have been paid unemployment benefit, you can apply to the unemployment insurance fund for holiday allowance. To receive holiday allowance, you must be entitled to unemployment benefit.

Holidays must be notified

If you are registered with the job centre as unemployed, they must be notified of your holiday at least 14 days before your holiday begins. Report your holiday here.
Unemployment insurance must also be notified before you go on holiday, as you will not be able to receive holiday allowance until the day you notify us of your holiday.

Apply for holiday pay

If you want to apply for holiday allowance, you must log in to the unemployment fund's self-service.

Recent graduates can also get holiday allowance

As a newly qualified member, you are also entitled to holiday pay if you receive unemployment benefits.

Read more about holidays and holiday pay

You can find more information about holiday taking, holiday pay, and holiday rules at borger.dk, which brings together information, guidance and self-service from the Danish municipalities, regions and the state.