danish artist association wishes everyone a great summer
danish artist association wishes everyone a great summer
danish artist association wishes everyone a great summer

and agreements

We recommend that you have your agreements reviewed by a union lawyer or attorney before signing.

Get an assessment of what the contract will mean for you financially and how it affects your rights and influence over content.


If you have experienced harassment and need help, contact our professional counsellors here.

Review of your deal within 1 - 2 weeks

We recommend that you send your agreement to the legal department Legal department in as much time as possible.
When we receive a contract, we endeavour to review it with you within 1-2 weeks. The further process depends on the complexity and scope of the agreement - and even a small case can be complex. We process agreements in the order we receive them. Therefore, during particularly busy periods, there may be a longer processing time.

Get your contract checked before you sign

We advise on many contracts and types of agreements covering artistic productions:

  • Recording agreement - and contracts
  • Publishing contract - on the utilisation and distribution of revenue from works
  • Licence and distribution agreements - for the use or distribution of a production by others
  • Producer agreement - agreement between artist and producer
  • Band agreement - agreement on rights in the band
  • Multiple contracts and agreements - including management and synchronisation agreements
  • Standard live performance contract - get your deal on paper with ease

Free online contracts

Get your agreement in writing using the Danish Artist Union's digital contract tool We Have A Deal. It can be used by anyone who performs live but does not have a booking agency involved. It's free to create a contract via WHADboth as artists and organisers.

Use us

Contact the union's lawyers and get your agreement in order at jura@artisten.dk