Since 1 May, Artistens a-kasse has been a permanent part of AJKS, the multidisciplinary unemployment insurance fund for creatives. The new collaboration offers artists and musicians even more benefits in the form of easier paperwork and a cheaper price for an unemployment insurance membership.

Membership is DKK 804 cheaper per year

As a result of the new collaboration, members of Artisternes a-kasse will save DKK 804 per year in membership fees. This equates to a saving of DKK 67 per month.
The savings are automatic and members of the unemployment insurance fund can already see the new price on their monthly statement.

Safety nets for artists and musicians

An unemployment insurance membership provides a safety net during your career, and the Artists' unemployment insurance fund is tailored to the working life of artists and musicians.
Each member has a personal case manager who provides guidance on maternity leave, working life and availability, and helps calculate and pay out unemployment benefits, holiday pay and early retirement benefits. All members continue to receive the same excellent guidance from case managers Joan Kristensen and Marianne Holbæk.

Trade union co-operation

AJKS is the unemployment insurance fund for Journalism, Communication and Language and, like the Artists' Unemployment Fund, has members with many different types of employment in the creative field and great specialised knowledge of freelancers' working conditions, says Sara Indrio, chairperson of the Artists' Unemployment Fund.

"We are very happy to be part of AJKS. In addition to offering a cheaper solution for unemployment insurance fund members, we can also get professional sparring with AJKS, with whom we share both knowledge and values."

Facts about the unemployment fund:

- Artists' unemployment insurance insures artists and musicians against unemployment

- All members of the unemployment fund have their personal case manager

- The artists' unemployment fund has existed since 1990

- The unemployment fund is an independent entity under AJKS