Danish circus performers contribute to global mapping

High travel and touring activity, many temporary jobs and unclear labour rights. These are just some of the recurring challenges that come with working for circus performers in the global market.

The international working conditions are summarised in the comprehensive survey Working Conditions of Circus Artist, where the Danish Artist Association has contributed facts about the working conditions of Danish circus performers.

The report, which describes working conditions in the circus sector globally, was produced by FIA - The International Federation of Actors - which represents hundreds of thousands of singing, acting, dancing and circus artists.

Dansk Artist Forbund is an active part of FIA's international work for circus performers. The association has contributed facts and best-practice examples on safety - including collective insurance for performers and information material in several languages, involving both performers and management in the work of creating safety in circus productions.

On several fronts, circus performers face the same challenges as their colleagues in music and other performing arts.

Therefore, artist spokesperson Sara Indrio hopes that the report will also lead to even more focus on initiatives that can strengthen touring artists, including through cross-collaborations,

"It's a solid and good report that covers a lot of ground about the genre and the challenges of being self-employed in a field that transcends national borders and where working conditions don't match the standard labour market. The report clearly shows that circus artists face the same challenges as other performing artists who work internationally, and therefore encourages collaboration across professional groups to find solutions," says Sara Indrio and continues:

"Getting circus on the FIA's agenda is in itself a breakthrough for us, and we will continue to push the agenda to get circus recognised as a profession in its own right. Both in Denmark and internationally."

View the full report Working Conditions of Circus Artist

The purpose of the report is twofold - to provide an overview of the work in the circus sector around the world, while also picking up recommendations and best practice examples that can strengthen the working conditions of circus artists.

The report focuses on professional circus artists in both traditional circus, which is often a series of acts that take place in a ring and tent, and contemporary circus, which is more narrative and tends to include other artistic disciplines, such as dance or comedy.