As a recent graduate from a music conservatory or SU-approved artist education, you can get 3 months free membership of the Danish Artist Association and the Artists' Unemployment Fund.

Get project and career support

We offer legal advice on contracts and employment, and you can insure your instruments or get advice and support for your projects.

Safety net and monetisation advice

As a newly graduated artist or musician from an artistic programme, you can get professional help as a member of the union. The Artists' Unemployment Fund provides you with a safety net so that you can receive unemployment benefits during periods without work.

Get help with contracts, agreements and revenue here.

Don't miss out on your special graduation right and join now

As a recent graduate, you are entitled to unemployment benefits one month after completing your programme. This right requires that you join an unemployment insurance fund and that you do so within 14 days of completing your programme. You must apply in writing to the unemployment insurance fund for admission and rights as a graduate. We recommend that you do this just before or immediately after your programme ends (last day of exams).

Read more about unemployment benefits and security for graduates here.

Who can become a member?

The Danish Artist Association and the Artists' Unemployment Fund accept recent graduates from virtually all recognised programmes within the field of performing artists, including music conservatories.