The new agreement is designed specifically for dance, circus and entertainment artists and can be used for all types of live performances.

The new standard contract makes it even easier to agree on all aspects of a performance, from paying for transport and marketing, to questions about safety, liability and stage conditions around a show or performance, to photos and video clips after an act or performance.

The contract ensures fair terms and clear agreements about an assignment - before, during and after a performance. It has been drawn up by the legal department of the Danish Artist Association and several artists and performers have given input on what the agreement should contain.

Get started with your contract

We encourage everyone to use the standard contract. Write to and receive the new standard contract for physical artists. We are currently finalising the design, but there is still room for adjustments/input. We'd love to hear how the contract fits your needs, so please contact us if you need to customise anything in the contract.

Special focus on weather and safety

In addition to the basic descriptions of time, place and payment, the standard contract also contains a specific section about the venue where the performance will take place - either a stage or a site-specific location. It includes a section on the practicalities of a performance, and also provides clarity for both artist and organiser on who is responsible for stopping a performance if the weather makes it difficult or unsafe to perform.

Using images and video

In the 'special conditions' section, there is room to describe specific agreements that are not included in the standard contract, such as the use of images and video before or after a performance - or agreements about who is responsible for marketing and how it should be done.

New standard contract for circus and performing arts artists covers:

  • Economy - incl. transport and possible accommodation.
  • Images, video and marketing.
  • Security and insurance.
  • Equipment and props.
  • Weather, changes and possible cancellation.

Do you have questions about the contract?

Write directly to our legal consultant Tanja Duus with input or questions.